15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless

Whether you agree her or not (I happen to agree) thank God, there are those among us, who possess wisdom beyond their years.  It helps balance the fact, that in spite of their years, there are so many among us who have no wisdom at all.  If you missed the point I was trying to make, it was directed at most of Congress.  That illustrious body of worthless individuals who are supposed to represent us.

That a fifteen year old girl, could make a speech like like that, is illustrative of what is wrong with this great nation.  She gets it, why don’t our elected Representatives get it?

Governing a Constitutional Republic and abiding by The Constitution of our Founders, you would think would be a pretty simple thing, right?  Apparently not so.

Unfortunately it takes a fifteen year old girl to tell us we are headed down the wrong path?  Is that how far we have gone astray of the Principles our Founding Fathers left us?

Maybe she is just a vision of what is to come.  Let’s hope so.

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