500 Products That Contain Cancer Causing Ingredient Approved by FDA

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released a report detailing the food corporations and products that contain azodicarbonamide (ADA) – a chemical used to make yoga mats.

Recently, Subway publically stated (after media exposure) they were no longer using ADA in their products.

ADA can still be found in products sold by:
• McDonald’s
• Burger King,
• Arby’s,
• Wendy’s,
• Starbucks and
• Jack in the Box
• Chick-fil-A
• Dunkin’ Donuts.

The EWG stated that “consumers take steps to avoid the industrial additive ADA in their food. It is an unnecessary ingredient, its use has raised concerns about occupational exposure, and questions remain about its potential risk to consumers.”

The chemical ADA is added to bleach flour to strengthen the mixture and make it more “rubbery”.

When human skin comes into contact with ADA on a regular basis, the reactions include skin sensitivity, respiratory issues such as asthma, other skin conditions and is a known carcinogen .

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned : “One thing is clear: ADA is not food, as food has been defined for most of human history. It is an industrial chemical added to bread for the convenience of industrial bakers. In centuries past, flour fresh from the mill had to age several months before it could be kneaded into dough and popped into the oven.

Corporations that use ADA include:

• Ball Park
• Tyson
• Oroweat
• Country Hearth
• Earthgrains
• Farm Rich
• Hormel
• Jimmy Dean
• Kroger
• Archer Farms
• Betty Crocker
• Little Debbie
• Marie Callendar’s
• Kid Cuisine
• Manischewitz
• Nature’s Own
• Pillsbury
• The Bakery at Wal-Mart
• Sun-Maid
• Smuckers
• White Caste
• Sara Lee
• Safeway
• Wonder

Senator Chuck Schumer has jumped onto the ADA bandwagon to demand that the FDA ban this chemical from being used at all.

Article Source: http://www.prepperpodcast.com/500-products-that-contain-cancer-causing-ingredient-approved-by-fda/#axzz2upPR2oy2

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