72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit & Plan

This year we are emphasizing the importance of having a 72-hour kit & plan for all library staff who are part of a service continuity team, because without a plan, staff are more likely to be focused on their needs, or their family’s needs, and not be able to take part in assuring that the library’s core resources and services remain available to your community following a disaster.  Earlier this week, I sent a message to our local American Red Cross (ARC) chapter about 72-hour preparedness training opportunities.  Here are some of the ARC resources referred to me by Mike Peoples, Preparedness Officer:

  • Community Disaster Education (CDE) courses through any local chapter.  Our CDE training isn’t really based on a pre-disaster count-down as much as the training being centered around working towards being prepared “whenever” a disaster occurs…the training includes discussion of the importance of making a family (or business) communication plan (so that family members have “designated rally points” when something goes wrong – either around the home, community, or wider world.   The training consists of a “series” of topics ranging from generic preparedness to event specific topics such as tornados, spring/winter storms, floods, hurricanes, home fires, wild fires, earthquakes, etc.
  • The “home page” for preparedness information can be found by clicking here.
  • If there are groups of folks (based on age, location, employment, etc.), someone from that group can contact their local chapter for additional information as well as to set up an actual CDE seminar based on the group’s interest (we’ve done them for businesses, seniors, boy scouts, schools, etc.!)
Here’s a video called “Let’s Make a Kit,” featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, an ARC volunteer:

Article Source: http://nnlm.gov/ep/2011/11/16/72-hour-emergency-preparedness-kit-plan/

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