A Bugout Bag Essential



Pocket Fishing Kit

So…the SHTF and life as we know it changes instantly, will you be able to feed yourself? I know what it means to be prepared, I’ve got food stored up, a good bug out bag and even a nice BOL. But you know what, I may have to find a way to get to it all, I’m often quite a ways away from home or my BOL. One of my primary concerns will be food and where do I find it where trying to get back to my supplies.

In about a month I’ll be headed to the Amazon for a bit so I figured while I was there I’d try my hand at survival fishing in an area I’m not real familiar with. Some of the areas where we’ll be staying are very remote so I figured what a great opportunity to hone some survival skills. One of these skills is fishing with limited gear. My goal is to catch a piranha using a pocket fishing kit. The video below will show you how to build the pocket fishing kit I’ll be using.


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