A Solar Powered Compost Tumbler for Under $5.00


I am a scrounge. I can’t stand to see all of the waste that goes on around us, so I try and salvage and re-purpose items that are headed for the landfills and turn them into useful items.

Gardens love compost, so after I built a 55 gallon compost tumbler and was very pleased with the resulting compost, I decided to ramp things up and build a compost tumbler that would crank out a good amount of compost with a minimum amount of work.

After looking for parts that fit the bill, I pulled everything together and in around 8 hours had my new large capacity tumbler, with 99% of the parts scrounged for free.

My point is this, there will come a time when things we throw away today may be of great value tomorrow. You can see the video of how I built it HERE.

Article Source: http://proficientprepping.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/a-solar-powered-compost-tumbler-for-under-5-00/

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