Bubonic Plague Outbreak

Bubonic Plague viral outbreak

Medical experts operating out of Madagascar have determined that a deadly outbreak of the bubonic plague has been sweeping through the region. While the life-threatening situation and infected numbers are changing daily, over 60 cases of infection have already been reported, with a total of 42 recorded deaths at this time.

Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) are working hard developing a strategy to help control the plague epidemic before it spread further or takes any more lives: spreading pesticides and doing rapid tests to staunch the flow of infection.

Some locals fear that despite outside moderate amounts of help and medicine shipped into the country from the WHO, it wont be enough to tackle the issue at hand before things get further out of control.

As stated many times before here on Zombease.com, hygiene is of the utmost importance during everyday survival and disaster situations… especially when dealing with the undead or things like SHTF viral outbreak scenarios. The Bubonic Plague – also referred to as the Black Death – killed off an estimated 25 million+ people in Europe during the Middle Ages. The plague, transmitted by fleas that use rats as carriers, spread extremely fast, destroying entire communities over a matter of months.

Had the people had better access to clean drinking and washing water, healthcare, and pest free homes, history would likely tell a very different story. Stay safe, stay clean, stay alive.

Source: http://zombease.com/2013/12/15/bubonic-plague-outbreak/

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