Bullet, Stab, and Spike Proofing Yourself during a Civil Collapse

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With all of the big changes that are happening within the United States borders and beyond, the risk of the fall of the social structure inside the U.S. becomes greater every day. The prices of goods and services continue to rise while the unemployment rates are greater than they have ever been and the minimum wage is not enough for a single person to survive on alone. This has caused more and more people to have to do without and has even made more people resort to stealing to provide for their families.

Our country is full of people who once a year on Black Friday when all the stores kick off their Christmas sales are willing to trample on top of others and sometimes even seriously injure or kill others just to get a good deal on that new T.V. or gaming system their family wants. So let’s just imagine what it would be like if over population, resource depletion, catastrophe, or government changes leads to the collapse of the social structure here in the U.S. There would not be enough food to go around and as more and more people were forced to see their families starving this would lead to dangerous times. If a civil collapse were to happen there would be chances of rioting, looting, and home invasions.

These people would arm themselves with anything they could find or steal and the weapons of choice would be guns, knives, and spikes. Armor to protect yourself and your family from these types of weapons can be bought or made at home. There is a T.V. show that tests myths and they made a homemade bullet proof vest. They used two 12″x 12″ ceramic bathroom tiles with 1″ squares and they attached these to a cloth to make a “vest” using a plaster that had high levels of fiberglass in it. When they tested it out they were at a distance of roughly 15 ft. When shot with a 9mm, a .45acp, and a buckshot round the vest worked. However, it was ineffective against a slug or a .223 round. As far as stab or spike proofing goes, there are a few homemade ideas available with a quick search online. They were not as effective as they should have been though and in my opinion, you want a product to assure you and your family’s safety so you should just buy it. The gear you buy is safety tested and proven to work.

I, like most everyone else in the world, now knows that the money for this type of gear is hard to come up with. However, this is your family’s safety you are considering and the thought that should cross your mind is do I want to risk their lives by trying something homemade or do I want to try to save to offer my family the best protective gear I can find to order online the prices for both types of protection range from over $1,000 to lower quality products at around $140. Yes the price is expensive especially if you are buying for more than one person but you get what you pay for and it is to protect the lives of those you love from attacks here on domestic soils.

For those of you who still refuse to believe that it is coming, look around you, do some research, do something. The great America is no longer as great as we once were. We have driven ourselves so far in debt and sold off most of our good jobs to people who would do them for less. The time for action would be now before things get too much worse. A great majority of our country is out of work and we are depending more and more on government aide to survive. For some families the government assistance is their only means of survival for their families. (Food stamps, SSI, disability, etc.) What does everyone think will happen when those resources are shut down? When all these families are no longer able to provide food for their families at all and when they try to find work there are no jobs left in this country for them. We have caused this by letting our government speak for us and let a small group of people decide what is best for all of us. While this fattens their bank accounts this is diminishing ours. And when there is no way to feed their families people will go to any means necessary to feed their families. That will include robbing those who are able to feed theirs and possibly killing others to do so.

The days of everyone working together will be gone and it will become every man for him. This is the time to stock up on things for protection of your family because with the constant job cuts and the growing unemployment rates no job can be called safe. Even our soldiers who work for our government are watching as they lose benefits that they worked hard for. Several soldiers before them gave their lives for them to have the benefits the received. But they just keep cutting them down to nothing.  If they have no problems cutting the pay and benefits of the soldiers who stand and fight for this country who would think they wouldn’t do that to them. Our senior citizens who like children cannot properly care for themselves anymore have had to live with an income that is almost impossible to live off of already and they are receiving cuts in benefits too. Shamefully some have referred to SSI as a hand out. This is not a hand out, this is not money to be taken from, and this is money that you pay into the whole time you are working so that when you are no longer able to work you still have income to live on. This is money you let the government hold on to for you and now they are trying to take that too.

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