Holiday Preparedness Thoughts: Stocking Up and Giving the Gift of Preparedness

The time of years is upon us again, a time when people spend billions of dollars on useless gifts that most people will probably never use. Instead of wasting all that money, why not use it to better prepare yourself and your family?

The last place I want to be this time of year is inside of any type of big box store, but I do like to cruise the internet for deals on survival gear, and also check out the local grocery stores for holiday deals. Today, being Cyber Monday, is a good time to stock up on gear and maybe even give the gift of preparedness to one of your not so prepared family members.

Yesterday I recommended a number of preparedness gift ideas; today I want to look at using this time of year to help develop your emergency preparedness stockpiles.

Emergency Water:

Katadyn Water Filter

One of the most basic needs we have is the need for water; that’s why it’s so important to not only have emergency water on hand, but it’s also extremely important to have a way of filtering it during an emergency situation.

One of the best water filters I’ve found is made by Katadyn. The Katadyn filter is something I carry in all of my bug out bags, as well as something I take anytime I head out into the backcountry. I did a review on the Katadyn water filter awhile back – if you’re interested in reading it the review is here – and the filter is on sale atAmazon right now for $294.95..

Using the Holiday Season to Grow your Emergency Food Supplies:

Emergency Food Bucket

This is a great time of year to grow your emergency pantry. Right now stores are trying to get rid of their unsold Thanksgiving food in preparation for Christmas. And once Christmas passes, the deals will get even better.

If you have a large chest freezer, now is a great time to stock up on things like frozen hams and turkeys. Almost everywhere I checked had Thanksgiving turkeys for at least half off.  Should you be hit by some sort of economic problems later in the year, the food you buy now can help see you through the tough times. Remember Preparedness isn’t always about preparing for some end of the world type of disaster; it’s about making sure you’ll be able to get your family through the tough times as well.

Building Your Survival Supplies:

Gear Bags

I’ve been scouring the internet for deals on survival gear this morning, and just about everyone seems to have some pretty decent deals on gear. In fact, for the first time in months I actually found a number of stores that not only had .22lr ammo, but they also had it on sale. That being said, the first thing you should do is take an inventory of your current supplies.

Most of us have more gear and equipment than we actually realize. Having a good inventory of your current emergency supplies will prevent you from buying a bunch of junk that you don’t need, or may already have.

Have a Budget and Stick to It:


Something happens to people around this time a year that makes them throw common sense right out the window.

If you haven’t established a preparedness budget, make sure you check out our article on prepping on a budget.


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