How To Keep Safe From The Fukushima Debris Floating Near The US

Have you read about the toxic monster floating near our West Coast? 1 million tons of junk from Japan’s 2011 tsunami could be just 1,700 miles off the American coast, floating between Hawaii and California, according to this news on

Here’s what the site also says: “Despite the fact the tsunami debris is scattered and does not form a solid mass, the researchers still believe it’s a serious matter to keep an eye on. The worst-case scenario would be that the trash is housing invasive organisms that could disrupt the local environment’s current balance of life.”

I say this massive island of debris is slowly making its way to our country and there’s a lot to worry about, we have significant reasons to be aware. One of my biggest concerns is radiation and how a lot of our food and water could be contaminated. Nuclear waste is the worst kind of poison. I’ve researched a little what products we should avoid, which are the most easily radioactive and here’s what I found out:

What to stay away from

#1. Tap water

Even if the amount of contaminated water that’s leaking daily into the Pacific doesn’t look like “a lot of water” compared to the ocean, it’s still something you should think of. Any amount of radiation is bad. And more contaminated water will continue to leak into the Pacific Ocean. It will soon represent a little more than a drop in the proverbial bucket.

#2. Sea food

You should probably stop eating sea life from the Pacific and of course anything from Japan. You should definitely monitor your seafood quality! This includes algae, too. Fish contains many naturally occurring radionuclides but still, experts have found out that cesium levels are 50 million time higher in fish right now than before the Fukushima disaster. Better think again before buying a tuna sandwich or small fish, such as sardines. Take a precautionary approach: don’t eliminate fish from your diet, but choose what you’re buying with extreme care, go only for what’s caught up locally.

#3. Meat and dairy products

You should definitely reconsider these.They may be the most contaminated products out there. Think about cows, for example. These living creatures eat and drink that contaminated water and that contaminated grass we’re talking about, store that radiation in their bodies and the pass it on to whoever drinks their milk, eats cheese made from that milk and their meat.

What to go for

There are products that can help protect you and your family against radiation. Natural remedies and foods such as miso soup, cilantro and foods high in carotenes can help neutralize radioactive isotopes in the body and protect against other damages. Some examples of products and foods to eat to lessen up your toxic intake:

#1. Cabbage, broccoli, arugula, bok choy and the likes from the cabbage family protect you from gamma radiation induced cellular damage because are very high in caffeic acid.

#2. Ginseng and burdock root are high in selenium and protect your body against DNA damage (lentils and red clover do the same).

#3. Carrots, sweet potatoes, kale and spinach contain vitamins C and E which are natural protectors against radiation.

#4. Reishi mushrooms, called the “mushrooms of immortality”, are known to increase the overall immune protection of the body. They are used in cancer treatments to counteract the toxic effects of radiation.

#5. Rosemary and miso soup have shown to discharge radiation from the body and treat radiation sickness. This simple soup is consumed in Asian cultures for centuries because it protects from radiation exposure.

You could also acquire your personal radiation detector which you could easily use to check your food and water for possible radiation contamination. It’s not a serious public health hazard. Yet. But we also don’t really know the full picture, we can’t be sure the true levels of radiation are being reported. Better safe than sorry.

 By Alec Deacon

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