How to Make Stormproof Firestarters

I’ve posted a number of homemade fire starters since the start of this blog, and if there’s one that I find the most effective it’s got to be sawdust fire starters.

I used to make these sawdust fire starters as a kid after learning how to do it from of one of my dads Special Forces Manuals he had.

They are so effective they’ll stay lit in rain (not torrential downpours), on top of snow, and in high winds so they’re perfect if you need to start a fire in moist conditions with less-optimal wood…

…and they’re super easy to make:

How to Make Sawdust Fire Starters

You can check out how to make sawdust fire starters with my latest YouTube video or read the step-by-steps below: 

What You’ll Need

  • sawdust
  • wax (old candles, paraffin, etc)
  • ice-cube tray

Making Sawdust Fire Starters Step-by-Step

Step 1: Melt some paraffin or other wax over the heat. If you’d feel more comfortable you can make a make-shift double boiler by placing a glass Pyrex bowl in simmering water.
Step 2: While melting, stuff sawdust into ice-cube trays. Make sure to that the sawdust doesn’t overflow into the adjacent cubes
Step 3: Pour melted wax over the sawdust. The sawdust will expand a bit as it absorbs the sawdust. Again, ensure that the wax is contained to the individual cubes and doesn’t overflow into adjacent cubes.Pour off any excess wax…
Step 4: Place tray in freezer until cold and firm. These will pop out much like ice when cold.
Step 5: Light. These burn for a really long time and are great in high winds and moist conditions.

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