Make Drinking Water Safe – in an Emergency

Water: potable, drinkable, filtered, boiled, and safe to drink.  Water, you need it to survive.
If you are in an emergency situation right now.  You will need safe drinking water to hydrate your body.

Cooking and sterilizing food and water in a survival emergency.

Cooking and sterilizing food and water in a survival emergency.

The simplest and quickest way to make water safe to drink, if you can make fire, is by boiling it in a food grade metal container. Bring any water that is not contaminated by motor oil, petroleum chemicals, or radiation, to a rolling boil and you now have drinkable, potable, safe water to drink that is 99.9% safe to consume. Bring it to a rolling boil, that’s it.

Is the water is muddy, dirty, soupy, or stagnate, has sewage in it. Filter the mucky water by running it through a cotton t-shirt, handkerchief, socks, clean sand, coarse clean gravel, and into a metal container. Bring that filtered water to a boil in a metal container, let it cool down, then drink.

Sometimes you may have to filter water that is very dirty through your make shift cotton hanky filter a couple times, that’s okay. You can also fold your cotton material in half for better results. Run it through the filter until the water is clear. Then boil it. That’s all there is to it.  Simple.

How much potable water will you need to keep hydrated?  Lots, a minimum of two to three liters a day for adults.  In extreme heat and high humidity, you will need to drink twice that volume.  Keep drinking disinfected water until you are no longer thirsty and your urine is clear and not yellow.  That is an easy, and simple way to keep track to know if you are hydrated enough.

You can also boil your metal eating ware; knives, forks, spoons, cups, mugs, sterilizing them from 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.  You can even boil your clothing to help reduce the spread of disease in critical emergency events.

The Simplest and Safest Way to Treat Water During an Emergency is by boiling in a metal container.

What about food?   Yes, most importantly you will want to bring all your food; survival stew, to a boil before eating. Do not drink untreated and contaminated water in a survival emergency situation if you have a way to treat your water.  If your unsure about the potability of your water,  Boil.

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