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The weather is getting nice, people are out in the garden and plants are blooming. Spring is here and so is allergy season! If you suffer from allergies and have never tried out a Neti Pot then you will want to read this article. A Net Pot can bring a huge amount of relief to people with all types of sinus problems.

The Neti Pot is a fantastic and often overlooked Medical prep. If you have Sinus problems like I do then a Neti Pot should be on your countertop and be getting frequent use.

The Neti Pot can treat and often prevent Sinus infections, both Bacterial and Viral. It can also provide great relief for nasal congestion associated with many other illnesses such as the cold and flu.

Okay Kory, that sounds great. But what the hell is a Neti Pot anyways? A neti Pot looks like a little tea pot. They are made out of ceramics, stainless steal and plastic. You fill the Neti up with water, microwave or in some way heat the water to look warm. Then add a small amount of uniodized salt to the water. Put your left thumb over the spout and your right hand over the top of the pot to keep the water in and shake it up real good until the salt is dissolved. Then you tilt your head sideways over the sink, place the spout in your nose and pour the saline water up one nostril and out the other. Then blow out all the gunk into the sink. Repeat with each nostril. You don’t need much salt and the water must be warm. To much salt will cause a temporary burning feeling and cold water can cause some discomfort also.

Super gross huh? It is gross and definitely takes some getting used to. But the benefits, oh the benefits, they far outweigh the gross factor and the initial discomfort. I use the Neti Pot every morning as soon as I get up and I feel many times better and can breath so much easier after using it. I also use it again about 30 minutes before I go to bed.

The idea behind the Neti Pot is that you are irrigating your sinuses. We breath in all sort of pollutants, toxins and allergens all day long. The Neti Pot washes all this junk out of your sinuses so that it can not irritate and swell the sensitive membranes inside your sinus cavities. The Neti Pot is a natural alliterative to antibiotics, OTC medications and even sinus surgery.
I used to get Bacterial Sinus Infections constantly. Using the Neti Pot regularly coupled with eating healthy, taking some vitamins and supplemental and exercising has gotten me to where I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. The Neti Pot was invented thousands of years ago in India and has been use ever since.

In a post SHTF scenario when over the counter meds and antibiotics are hard to come buy all you need for the Neti Pot is water and salt. They run about $6-$20 on Amazon. I recommend a ceramic Neti Pot because you wont need to worry about anything leaching into the water like with plastic and you can microwave the pot.

The Neti Pot in a post SHTF situation could conceivable replace the use of many over the counter medicines and antibiotics, thus allowing you to save those medicines for more serious illnesses.

The Neti Pot should be either dried when done or left out in such a way that it can completely drip dry. It should be periodically washed out as well. Some people also advocate only using distilled water in Neti Pots. This is because there are some rare bacteria out there that can live in tap water. When you drink the tap water your stomach acid does it things and the bacteria has no effect on you. However when you are main lining the water straight up your nose it can apparently cause some problems with this rare bacteria getting into the brain, bad stuff. I however have been using good old tap water for several years now and my head has yet to explode. If it is a concern for you then use distilled or boiled water.

Another benefit of the Neti Pot is that if you ever find yourself “disappeared” into one of those Government Prisons that don’t exist and they want to water board you, well you can just laugh and tell them you water board your self every day with a Neti Pot.

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