Tactical Training for Civilians

tactical training for civilians

Many of you are probably very similar to me. You may know how to operate a firearm, but need to learn to take it to the next level. This is why it’s important for you to find courses, that provide tactical training for civilians.

Tactical Training for Civilians

I’ve been shooting for as long as I can remember. I know my way around a gun and never forget firearms safety, but this is no way, gives me any form of tactical edge.

We need that edge. That’s what I’m all about, giving you and me the Edge, in any way we can.

I know I could get tactical training in the military, but I am 44 years old, and in a well established career. Even if I was in awesome shape, I can’t afford to quit my job and live off military pay alone. I tip my hats to those brave men and women, who serve, and put their lives on the line for very little money. Thank you for all you do!

The military isn’t an option for me, so let’s look at the problem of finding some tactical training for civilians.

As I break this down, I see this large issue can be broken down into a few smaller issues, that are easier to digest:

  • Shooting from different positions – most ranges only allow you to stand or sit and shoot. You don’t get to shoot from a prone position, you don’t get to shoot from your back and you don’t get to shoot from behind objects (cover and concealment)
  • Transitioning between weapons – Most ranges don’t allow you practice drawing from a holster and shooting, so forget about transitioning from your rifle or shotgun to your sidearm.
  • Tactical training – Where can we get some experience in Close Quarters Battle, room clearing and having a solid professional instructor, who has been there, put you through serious drills?

At this point we have 2 options.

  • Video training – you can find many many Tactical Training DVDs on Amazon.com. I do have one tactical training dvd, called “Own the Night“, that I’ve posted on Tactical Training for Preppers. You can also leverage Tactical Training Videos on Youtube. Let’s be honest here, video training may not be as good as in-person instruction, but it is better than nothing. If this is all you can do I highly recommend that you start doing it now. Watch the videos, then practice what you can with training guns.
  • Find a school that offers tactical training for civilians – Is there such a thing? There sure are.

Where can a Civilian get some training?

I’ve looked at all the players like Thunder Ranch and Front Sight, but who can afford to take off work and fly across the country and then spend thousands of dollars for a training course? Sure people do it, and I was saving up to do it, until one of my buddies, pointed me to a more economic option in the DC, MD and VA area! Thanks, Lester!

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy in Fredericksburg, VA offers a full line of courses for Civilians,and their prices are very manageable.

I’m one of those people who knows that “talk is cheap”, I needed to validate this.

I signed up for their Carbine 1 and Carbine 2 course, each of which is a full day (each class was $200, that’s not bad for 1 full day of training).

Day 1: Carbine 1

The day finally arrived for Carbine 1.

The non-descript training facility

The nondescript training facility

As I expected we started out with classroom lecture, and it was very good. I grew to see, that these people knew what they were talking about, and had real world experience.

  • Firearms Safety Rules
  • Nomenclature
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control

Then we moved on to Armorer Maintenance & Proper Lubrication (field stripping and proper lubrication of our chosen carbines). This was very fortunate for a few of the class participants, because it was apparent, that these were brand new rifles, and had never been any lubrication on them. Those bolt carrier groups were bone dry. If you know anything about the AR-15 platform, then you know those students would have had a pretty crappy day, full of malfunctions and a potentially ruined rifle.

Article Source: http://www.geekprepper.org/tactical-training-for-civilians/

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