Take that old laundry detergent bottle camping!

Laundry detergent water dispenser

Laundry detergent water dispenser

There is so much talk now about reuse and recycling I thought I would share a great camping tip with you that I use when we’re out camping. We will occasionally buy the laundry detergent that comes in a big bottle with a spigot to dispense the detergent. This is a pretty nice and sturdy bottle, so why not get some more use out of it? I decided to wash it out and take it camping with us for holding water that is to wash our hands with or anything else that does not involve the water going directly into our mouths, like washing dishes. This is perfect for the kids and us adults too to wash our hands before meals. Less mess around camp because the water is on and off. No dumping water from a bottle onto hands to try to get them clean.

Does your family take a bottle like this for washing off hands? Please feel free to leave a comment I really enjoy reader input. Thanks!

Article Source: http://www.greatwildoutdoors.com/2012/06/04/reuse-old-laundry-detergent-bottle-camping/

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