The ZASC Fire Kit

ZASC FIRE KIT Zombease Approved

We all know that access to fire, or at least the ability to make it, is one of the most important aspects for getting out alive when it comes to survival situations like major earthquakes, floods, winter storms, getting lost in the woods, or even a Zombie outbreak. But, simply knowing that something is important to do, doesn’t make it easy to get done.

While there are countless fire kit and fire starting options available on the marketplace for survivors, there are some that simply make more sense to have than others. In my opinion, all fire kits should be well-made, easy to use, and versatile… and that’s exactly what the Fire Kit from Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp (ZASC) is.

Handmade by Guy Cain, the founder and lead instructor of ZASC, this simple, yet effective three-piece kit has everything you need to get a good fire going, and do accomplish a bit of survival on the side.

The Knife.
The Damascus steel knife included in the kit measures 7-1/4 inches long tip to tip with a 3 inch straight-edge blade. The 4-1/4 inch handle of the knife comes tightly wrapped with 550 paracord which helps the blade sit nicely in the hand and adds a little damper when batoning wood or if you have to hack away at Zombie limbs. The knife arrived razor-sharp so it could go to work right out of the box… and that’s exactly what it did.

Throughout my trials and test runs, the ZASC Damascus cut, shaved, sliced, diced, and gutted everything I put it up against, without any damage to the blade. But, when it comes down to it, this isn’t just for hack and slash jobs. By including a good knife in the ZASC Fire Kit, Guy Cain has provided a way for survivors and anti-zombie enthusiasts to not only protect themselves, but to prepare tinder, kindling, feather-sticks, and even smaller diameter firewood for their fires. When combined with the included ferro-rod, the ability to shower sparks into a tinder bundle shines.

The Ferro-Rod.
The ZASC Ferro-rod measures 6 inches tip to tip with a 2-1/2 inch long, 1/4 inch thick ferro-rod. I’m not sure where the actual ferro-rod came from or who manufactured it, but I can tell you that the sparks it throws are bright, hot, and many… with some lasting well beyond others that I’ve used.

While the ferro-rod itself is obviously an important factor here, the custom deer-antler handle and the way it’s shaped makes all the difference in the world for ease-of-use and accessibility even with seemingly frozen fingers. I’ve used a lot of different ferro-rods over the years, and I can promise you that not all are created equal.

The Case.
Measuring just over 4 inches wide by 6 inches long, the thick leather case fits perfectly in the back-pocket of a standard pair of pants. Each leather case is hand-sewn by Guy Cain with thick nylon stitching to prevent rot and decay. Guy split the case into three sections to keep each component organized and protected from one another. There’s a spot for the knife, the ferro-rod, and even a large stash-pouch for tinder to kept.


Maybe it’s the way the blade rests in the hand, or how comfortable the ferro-rod is to use. Maybe it’s the quality of the steel or having finally gotten a lot of practice in, but throughout testing, using the ZASC Fire Kit meant a successful flame every-single-time. While not everyone wants to pack this type of fire kit, I can highly recommend it to anyone that was on the fence otherwise.

The ZASC Fire Kit is available for just $50 (Damascus steel knife) or $35 (steel knife) directly from Guy Cain over at Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp or you can e-mail Guy Cain directly to place an order –

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