Troy Pump Action Rifle vs. Gun Control

Troy Defense has a new type of rifle, with an operating system I’ve not heard of before. It’s essentially a cross between an AR-15 and a pump action shotgun. The rifle shoots .223 / 5.56 mm ammo from a 30 round magazine. But it is not a semi-automatic rifle. You must pump the gun between shots, just like a pump-action shot gun. There’s no buffer tube, and this allows a design with a folding stock. However, it otherwise looks just like an AR. The forend disguises its pump-action functionality under what look like ordinary rail covers.

Troy Defense says: “The TROY PAR allows for great sporting and defense applications in areas where legal ownership of the standard, semi-automatic modern sporting rifles such as AR series have been legislatively limited.”

So the idea is that the gun might avoid certain gun control restrictions which specify that a “semi-automatic” rifle is illegal if it has certain features. The Troy Pump Action Rifle is manual, not semi-automatic. However, restrictions on high-capacity magazines might still apply in your State.

I’m torn about this approach to dealing with excessive gun restrictions.

On the one hand, it allows some law-abiding citizens to have rifle features that would otherwise be banned. Also, the pump-action system has proven itself to be ultra-reliable on shotguns; it might be very reliable on rifles too. So it seems like a good tool for home defense, at least in some localities.

On the other hand, laws will only become more restrictive over time. Eventually, lawmakers will ban AR “features” regardless of whether it is a semi-automatic or manual gun. And if the current trends in some States win out, legal magazine capacities will become smaller and smaller. So it seems like something of a capitulation to design a new gun that, in some sense, gets around gun control by accepting its undue limitations.

Final thoughts: it seems like it would be a fun gun to shoot at the range. I wish it were available in more calibers, making it more useful for both hunting and self-defense.

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