Water Storage Mistakes

The other day I was in DisasterStuff.com a preparedness store that is located within a reasonable distance from my home.  While there, we were discussing water storage.  In California, this is a big subject due to the drought.

People are looking for all types of containers to store their water; fifty gallon barrels are very popular as well as IBC totes and many types of smaller containers.  One person said that he was going to use Water Bobs to store his water. He said he had two and they would give him enough water for him and his wife for ninety days.

For those of you who don’t know what a Water Bob is, it is a plastic container that holds up to a 100 gallons of water.  It fits in your bathtub and you fill it from the faucet.  Now I have a Water Bob and I think it is a good product.  However, I plan to use it to supplement my existing water storage.  Filling this at the last minute will give me an extra 100 gallons of water.

In further discussion, it came out that his plan is based on the idea that he could fill the Water Bobs at the last minute.  This shows two mistakes that he is making, one that he will have warning.  What about earthquakes or other events that knock out or contaminate the water system.  Second, that he and his wife can go for ninety days with two Water Bobs which would give them each a gallon a day.

Now he did have a backup plan, which was to go to a river about a quarter mile walk from his house and carry water home.  Now this was a step in the right direct, he is thinking of a backup plan.  But to my way of thinking, he has missed the first step, which is to always have water stored on site.  So his plan for ninety days should be.

  1. Have enough water stored on site for ninety days and to me this would be more than the minimum one gallon a day.  Your kids or other family may show up.
  2. Fill the Water Bobs at the last minute if possible for a reserve supply.
  3. Last resort, you can go to the river, but think about how you can maximize the trips by bring as much water as possible in one trip.  Maybe something as simple as using a wheelbarrow to carry several five gallon cans at a time.

Training and awareness are always important and as I have been writing this article, I have been wandering where my Water Bob is.  My wife has been rearranging things, so off I go to look for it and guess what I can’t find it.  Failure, I had to go and ask her where it is.  She knew right away, but little good would that do if she was down the street when something happened.

So while it is easy to criticize other plans, we should always take a look at our own.

Article Source: http://preparednessadvice.com/water_purification/water-storage-mistakes/#.Uvg2LPmSxIE

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