Ways To Quickly Store Water At Home During Disaster


When disaster strikes, begin storing water IMMEDIATELY! Lack of clean water will ravage you and your family much quicker and more critically than any shortage of food.

If you do not have clean water for drinking, cleaning, food preparation, and for bathroom-sanitary purposes, crippling sickness could tear through your family — especially without the hope of prompt medical attention.

You MUST have enough water…

Crucially important upon recognition of a major and probable long-lasting disaster, every possible container needs to be filled with water RIGHT NOW!

There will be no such thing as having stored too much water.

If and when the power goes out and water pumps go down, what you have on-hand, right now (or in the period of time before the water pressure drops to nothing,) is all that you might have for a very long time.

Ways to store water in your home during an emergency

Empty soda-pop bottles (1-3 liter) are great for water storage.

Fill up the bathtub.

Fill up the washing machine.

There are probably 40 to 60 gallons of water in your hot water tank.

Fill up any kiddie pools.

5-gallon pails (any and all pails).

Plastic storage bins that might be around your home. Empty them of their contents and fill them with water.

Fill New Metal garbage cans lined with liner bags for water seal.

Clean out an existing garbage can and scrub it throughout with bleach, then put in a new garbage bag liner and fill it with water.

Sturdy boxes with bag liners.

Dresser drawers could be used with bag liners.

Choose wisely where you fill up garbage cans with water because they will not be easily moved after they’re full.


When disaster strikes…
Do not hesitate; fill up every possible container, RIGHT NOW!

Source: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/preps/ways-to-quickly-store-water-at-home-during-disaster/

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