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7 Types of “Women’s Work” That Men Should Learn To Do Before SHTF

The role of a man woman has since become intertwined, thanks to the Women’s Rights Movement. Today, women can do what men do and if men choose, they can do the same that women can do. However, in the times that lie ahead, it would be advisable for men to learn common “women’s work”, especially if you aren’t married or don’t have women in the household. Even if you do, knowing how to do it just in case would be the smarter option. Now, we’re not talking modern day women’s work, which is made to believe to be grooming, clothes shopping and cooking microwave food. We’re talking traditional women’s work. Let’s take a look.

Making Cold-Process Soap

In the event of a doomsday event, personal hygiene is very important to maintain. It keeps away disease and illnesses that can quickly plague you and your family. Making cold-process soap is done by mixing fats and lye together using specific temperature conditions. This isn’t the usual soap that you find in the stores, which are filled with chemicals and unknown ingredients. Making your own soap is cheaper and you won’t have to worry about poisoning your family with toxic soap.

Raising Your Own Meat and Eggs

If you don’t already know, buying meat from the market is pretty much dangerous these days. You’re either getting mystery meat, contaminated meat or hormone and antibiotic-filled meat. You can raise poultry right at home for eggs and meat. They are easy to manage compared to other livestock and don’t take up as much space.

Knitting and Sewing

These two will come in handy for making and fixing clothes. It is a lot cheaper to make your own clothes compared to buying at the marked up prices at retail stores. You can learn about knitting and sewing on YouTube, in books from libraries or by taking up local classes.

Cleaning Thoroughly (Elbow-Grease)

Some men can be a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning, but this goes beyond scrubbing well. The great thing about using elbow grease is that you don’t need to use toxic chemical cleaners. All you really need to clean up your home is baking soda, borax, homemade soap, lemon essential oil, water and vinegar. You can buy these basic ingredients virtually anywhere and it’s more economical.

Making Your Own Personal Care Products

Why waste money on buying body lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, deodorant, diaper rash cream and hair treatments when you can make them all on your own? You can find the ingredients easily and the recipes are easy to make. Plus, homemade products aren’t filled with harmful toxins like the store bought products.

Growing an Edible Garden

Forget about planting flowers, start growing edible plants in your backyard, such as green beans, greens, strawberries and other delicious fruits and vegetables. The more you can grow, the less you’ll have to buy from the grocery store. If you have enough land, you should grow a variety of foods that you commonly eat, such as wheat. Growing herbs is another good idea, especially those that are medicinal.

Cooking from Scratch

Say goodbye to processed foods you buy from the shelves of grocery stores. Making food from scratch is the healthiest way to make your food. You know exactly what’s in your food and you get to eliminate the need for processed foods. Instead of buying bread, you can make it yourself using the wheat that you grew in your garden. If you decide to grow medicinal herbs in your garden, make sure to research those that grow in your area and grow a variety that can treat different common ailments. Article Source: http://endnotes.com/2013/06/07/womens-work-that-men-should-learn/

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