Wood Stove Cleaning Tip

My wood stove and my mother’s wood stove both have glass windows. I love them because you can see the bright fire burning in them and it makes it that much more warm and toasty. However, it doesn’t take them long to get dark from creosote (the black stuff from burning wood). My children and I have tried several different cleaning products and devises with minimal luck.
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Well the other day, as I was kneeling down to scrub the window again, I could hear my dad in the back of my head say “dirt cleans dirt kid.” So I gave it a try.Here is what I did.
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I took an old wash cloth and got it wet.
Then I dipped the wash cloth in some old ashes from the stove.fire starter tute 020

Then I scrubbed the window with the wet ashes and cloth. Then I rinsed out the wash cloth and wiped the window clean. It was that simple and in less than a minute I had a shinny clean window. We were again able to enjoy a bright fire.

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