You Will Always Be Playing Defense

Some Things To Keep In Mind When the SHTF

You have the right to bear arms in this country. A simple statement but the concept for some is anything but simple. This article however will not delve into the legal wrangling and what exactly the Second Amendment means to various people and even to our own government. A simple statement “to keep and bear arms” is interpreted differently depending on which side of the argument you find yourself, and this will always be the case.

It is enough right now however to know that despite the current law(s) firearms will have a major role in any SHTF scenario that may play out in this country and you can expect that some if not all in government will have their very own interpretation of the law during a crisis.

You have to assume that during a major crisis, laws will be trampled, ignored and some ad hoc ones will be implemented. Hoarding may become illegal, Marshall Law may be enacted and then you will start to hear about altruism from the government.

Many today, right now in government believe in altruism, which is defined by many people to mean, “Individuals are morally obliged to benefit others”. Those same people will despise anyone that appears to be the opposite, which is egoism, which is defined as acting to the benefit of one’s self. However, most of those preaching the concept do not in fact practice it themselves.

Armed citizens will defend what they have and while giving to others is part of the Prepper movement, handing over your supplies so the authorities can pass them out is probably not, what you had in mind.

Redistribution of wealth seems to be the mantra from some today and those same people will not allow a crisis to pass without taking advantage of it to push redistribution. If you have more than what is deemed necessary for your immediate survival then you may be asked (at first, then ordered possibly) to share with others that have not prepared for the crisis.

The country is in turmoil, there is no electricity, manufacturing has halted, gasoline and other fuels are in short supply and like any crisis, a large percentage of people will be caught unaware. You however, did prepare and you have enough supplies for you and your family for months, but the problem is you have it all in one place.

Now the Worry Becomes Holding On To What You Have

Certain people during a crisis will expect you to share what you have but then this means you and your family’s survival is in question. Then there will be those that will not ask but will attempt to take what you have. You have weapons, firearms but you cannot roam the streets shooting people who you think may pose a threat you have to wait until someone makes the first move. You are always going to be in a defensive position.

Sealing up your home and leaving nothing but gun ports is not the answer, so what is the answer. Well playing defense may mean hiding the ball. You do not give the other side playing tactics going into a ball game so as a Prepper you cannot let others know of your tactics going into a crisis.

You can expect, at some point, troops will be tasked with gathering supplies from people and distributing them if the crisis is nationwide. If the supply the government has is depleted then where do you suppose they will get the needed supplies?

Keep in the mind the government will be trying to serve the country as a whole and in most cases, they believe the end will justify the means. They will not let a few stand in the way of serving the many. This means your plans for survival will not line up with what the authorities have in mind.

These in charge will of course want control of all weaponry in the country. Their naive belief will be that if no one has firearms then no one will be hurt and of course, an armed citizenry has never boded well for governments that have run off the rails. They will want your firearms for as much their benefit as anything else’s.

The government will want to know what resources are available in the country and then they will devise a plan to make sure those resources are first assigned to the government and then they may begin distributing them out to local communities and their citizens.

There you are, armed sitting on a hoard of supplies and people come knocking, a dilemma to say the least. Do you let them in to see what you have, and do you convince them you are one of those that need help because you do not have anything, or do you throw them a bone and hope they leave.

If troops come knocking they will not take your word for it, they will essentially ransack your home and if you have supplies likely a good portion will be “commandeered” for the benefit of all. The answer is obvious do not have all of your supplies in one place.

Learn how to play defense, “hide the ball”, and hide your caches. Do not tell anyone, not even your Prepper group, and keep your tactics to yourself. Even your own Prepper groups can be compromised so as an individual always have an Ace up your sleeve.

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