11 Funny Google Videos You Must Watch

 11 Funny Google Videos | Shake Up Learning | www.shakeuplearning.com #gafe #google #edtechA YouTube Playlist of Funny Google Videos!One thing you should know about Google is they like to make fun of themselves. In a world of towering tech giants with big egos, I appreciate the fact that Google doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Around April Fool’s we often get a glimpse into the more humorous side of Google. Each year they publish an April Fool’s video poking fun at themselves and technology in general. The videos are professionally made, usually have the commercial look of the Google brand, and often feature some very famous faces from Hollywood. I love to use these videos to kick off a Google training!

As the school year kicks off, take a breath and laugh a little or laugh a lot! We all need it!



Classroom Application Idea: 

  • Use one of the videos, like “Google Nose,” as a writing prompt: What if Google Nose was a real application? What are the implications for our world? How would you use it?

Click here to view the playlist on YouTube, or watch embedded below.


11 Funny Google Videos

What are your favorite funny Google videos? Please share in the comments below.

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