A Must Have Google Chrome Extension: PDF/PPT Viewer

If you use the Chrome browser, and you should, you NEED the Docs/PDF/PowerPoint Viewer extension. I have to admit that I have been remiss in including this extension in some of my presentations. I apologize for leaving it off. I have used it for so long, and it is so seamless that I forgot it’s actually an extension and not just a feature of Google Chrome.The Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer will allow you to view PDF documents, PowerPoint files, and other docs in the Google Docs Viewer INSTEAD of DOWNLOADING. This saves me so much time and storage space! 

A Must Have Chrome Extension: Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer | Shake Up Learning

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

PDF: When someone shares a PDF or a PowerPoint file on their website, you simply click to view in the Chrome Browser. If you want to save the PDF, then you can choose to, “save to Drive,” or “download original.” (I usually save it to Google Drive.) 

Saving a PDF File

Saving a PDF File

PowerPoint: (Note: The Google Docs Viewer now functions differently with the NEW Google Drive and the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides extension. This is another MUST HAVE EXTENSION.) With the added functionality of editing Office files, the viewer will give you the options to go to File>Make a Copy, or File>Save As Google Slides. If you do NOT have the NEW Google Drive and Office Editing extension, you should still have the option to save or download.

Saving a PowerPoint File

Saving a PowerPoint File

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