Augmented Reality with Google Expeditions is Coming!!

credit: Google Expeditions Program

Google Expeditions Goes AR!

Whaattt??!! Google Expeditions is super cool and allows us to take our students on virtual treks across the globe. But Google Expeditions is about to get a whole lot better! Google Expeditions with Augmented Reality is coming in the Fall of 2017.

We don’t know a lot yet, but I got so excited I had to blog about it. Here’s what I have learned so far from the Google Expeditions AR web page and the Google I/O announcement.

“Expeditions AR uses Google’s Tango technology to map the physical classroom and placed 3D objects. Students can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details, and step back to see the full picture.”

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What Can Expeditions AR Do?

It looks very promising! Watch this video to see what is on the horizon.

Below is an animation of the Expeditions AR experience:

Google Expeditions AR

How to Get Access to Expeditions AR

The AR program will be piloted in schools in the Fall of 2017. Similar to the roll out of Expeditions, the AR version will roll out through Expeditions Pioneer Program. Teachers and schools that are interested can sign up here.

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That’s all I know so far. I will be adding this information to The Ultimate Google Cardboard and Expeditions Resource Guide and blogging about this as we learn more.

Learn more about Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard


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