Swivl is a robotic mobile accessory that works with your mobile device or camera to record videos. The Swivl tilts and rotates to follow the presenter as he or she moves around the classroom, recording wireless video and audio with its Cloud and Capture app. Swivl then automatically uploads these recordings to its highly secure network, Swivl Cloud.

Swivl is particularly great for teachers and students. This of what this fantastic device can do for the flipped classroom, for reflection, for presentations, and more!

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Swivl uses:

  • Encourage team collaboration
  • Blended Learning
  • Improved Engagement
  • Professional Development
  • Teachers in Training
  • Lecture Capture
  • Flip & Blend Instruction
  • Project-Based Learning
  • New Skill Development
  • Presentations

Watch this Swivl overview video to get an idea of what Swivl can do! You have to see it to believe it!

This is another informative video that will show you how powerful the Swivl robot can be for teachers and students:

Request a Swivl demo: https://www.swivl.com/demo-qualification/#top


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