Fantastic Chrome Apps & Extensions | | #gafe #gafechat #googleedu #chrome #edtechHere are EVEN MORE Chrome Apps and Extensions! (More than 60 total!)

I’m a crazy Chrome Addict! My list keeps growing! Chrome is such a powerful browser, and can offer so much to enhance learning and productivity. UPDATE: The lists are now in a searchable database! See the Chrome App and Extension Database. My original list is now broken into two, separate lists: one for Chrome apps and one for Chrome extensions. The extension list is still, by far, the longest, but look for that to change soon.

There is a little something for everybody. These lists will continue to grow and evolve, and that is why I keep them on their own resource pages on this site (much easier to maintain). Explore these lists and try something new today!


Also check out my latest Confessions of a Chrome Addict presentation from TCEA! I do this preso often and try to keep it fresh, and offer new apps and extensions each time. This one is loaded 40 Chrome Apps, Extensions, and tips and tricks along the way! Enjoy!

What are you favorite Chrome apps and extensions? Please share in the comments below!Kasey Bell will be presenting at the following upcoming events:








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