The wait is over! There is finally a spelling and grammar checker for Google Docs!

You can now help students improve their writing with this awesome new tool!

How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs!

As a writing teacher, I often struggled with ways to help my students improve the grammar and spelling in their writing. I marked up paper after paper, only to end up with red ink all over my hands and forearms and comments that students would never read.

As a writer myself, I often fall short. Mistakes happen, especially when you are under pressure to crank out a lot of content.

Like many of you, my students and I do a lot of work in G Suite and most of our writing is in Google Docs. For many years, teachers have asked me for a better way to check spelling and grammar in Docs. We’ve relied on the browser to catch a few spelling errors, but many of the Chrome extensions for checking spelling and grammar do not work in Google Docs.

That all changes with this new tool from Texthelp and Read&Write for Google Chrome™!

I’ve shared Read&Write for Google Chrome™ on this blog before. It’s a fantastic toolbar for teachers and students to use across G Suite products and the web.

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Read&Write for Google Chrome™

One of my favorite digital tools for reading and writing is the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar (Chrome extension).

It is a Chrome extension that is fully loaded with tools that allow us to do all kinds of great things to support learning. To learn more about the tools in this “utility belt,” check out How to Create Dynamic Reading Experiences for Students.

Teachers can get a FREE premium subscription to Read&Write. Click here for directions on how to get all of the features for free.

Click HERE to install Read&Write for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

Want to see some of my other favorite Chrome extensions?

Check out the Chrome App and Extension database.

Check It – Check Spelling and Grammar in a Google Doc

Well, this powerful little toolbar just got a new tool and put a spring in my step!

They recently added a feature that allows you to check for spelling and grammar errors in a Google Doc!

Tools that check for spelling or grammar errors are nothing new, but what about phonetic spelling, homophones or other confusable words? That’s where Check It comes in. Check It is Read&Write’s new and improved spelling, grammar, and confusable word tool that allows users to be notified of potential errors as they type.

The Check It tool appears on the far left-hand side of the toolbar.

How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs!

Click the checkmark icon, and the magic begins! All spelling and grammar mistakes will be underlined as you see in the image below. Then you click on each item that is underlined to correct, ignore, or add special words to your own dictionary.

How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs!

To see how this works in closer detail below is a short video that shows you how to use the Check It tool.

Now, isn’t that awesome! What a great way to help our young writers, support struggling learners, and help us all catch errors!

Are you ready to try it?

Check It is a premium feature, but teachers can get a FREE premium subscription to Read&Write.

Click here for directions on how to get all of the features for free.

Click HERE to install Read&Write for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

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