How to Find the Best iOS Apps for Your ClassroomGone App Fishing! Finding the Best iOS Apps for Your Classroom!

The App Store is NOT the best place to find apps for your classroom. The best way to find apps is to connect and learn from other teachers using apps in their classroom. There are many sites that curate and review apps just for teachers. Check out my list of websites, databases, app lists and more in the post below. Let’s go App Fishing and find some great apps for the classroom! I have also included a list of hashtags, as well as a fantastic list of educators to follow on Twitter!

While this list is curated specifically for iOS devices, you will find many other resources for your classroom within this list as well.

“Give a teacher an app, she has a lesson for the day. Teach her how to find apps, she can facilitate learning for a lifetime.” – Felix Jacomino

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General Websites, Lists, and Databases




Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality








Twitter Accounts to Follow



Felix Jacomino Quote

This is an updated post inspired by Felix Jacomino’s 2014 iPadpalooza presentation, “500,000 Apps in 60 Minutes,”  “Give a teacher an app, she has a lesson for the day. Teach her how to find apps, she can facilitate learning for a lifetime.”

What would you add to this list? Please leave a comment with your favorite resources!

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