When it comes to your online presence, telling your story, and branding yourself or your school, social media can no longer be ignored! But just having an account is not enough. You need to make sure you have a profile that communicates your brand, shows you are a trustworthy educator, and that you can add value to the community. There are different types of social media platforms with lots of options for your profile, but they all share similar features.

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Take a look at the image below, which will give you a few tips for optimizing your social media profile. The example is a Twitter profile, but the suggestions are applicable across platforms. I’ve chosen to use Guy Kawasaki as my example, the co-author of The Art of Social Media, where a lot of these suggestions can be found. Pick up a copy of this book if you really want to learn how to up your social media game. (He does have about 1.5 million followers!)

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profile

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profile

  1. Upload a picture of your face or logo: This validates who you are or what you represent. If you choose a photo, make it a tight shot where it is mostly your face. A wider shot is too hard to see in a social media feed.
  2. Use your REAL name: Yes, I still see a lot of teachers that only use their “handle,” and do not include a real name. Again, this validates who you are or what you represent. People will not follow you if they do not know who you are.
  3. Link to your website: Link to you blog, website, you school or district website, an about.me page, whatever web presence you have that can help users get to know you and connect with you in other ways.
  4. Include a bio: Most platforms limit the number of characters you can include here so keep it short and sweet and PLEASE include the fact that you are an educator!
  5. Upload a cover image: Your cover is your chance to tell your story in a bigger way. Make this something represents what you are about and how you use social media. Hint: Canva makes this easy! They have ready made templates for all of the big social media platforms.

Take the time to evaluate all of your profiles and see where you can make improvements to your brand, your story, and show your value to the educational community. This will help other like-minded educators find and connect with you. Better yet, become a role model for positive social media use for your students!

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