Looking for some great (and FREE) teacher PD? Look no further! I’ve got another Podcast PD Choice Board for Teachers!

Podcast PD Choice Board for Teachers (Vol. 3)My hope is that this template will give you even more ideas for how to use podcasts for professional learning at your school or on your own.

We’ve been creating Podcast PD Choice Boards for teachers to explore and learn.

Get the Podcast PD Choice Board (Vol. 1) here.

Get the Podcast PD Choice Board (Vol. 2) here.

Now that there are more than 100 episodes of the Shake Up Learning Show Podcast, I thought it was time to put together another Podcast PD Choice Board.

This choice board offers teachers many different topics from which to choose, including lots of Google topics!

Use this on your own, or if you deliver professional development to educators, feel free to adapt this for your school or organization.

I’ve also included a blank template if you want to create something from scratch.

Podcast PD Choice Board Vol. 3 (FREE Template)

If you are new to choice boards (aka learning menus), be sure you get your FREE Guide to Digital Choice Boards and learn all about these wonderful tools for student choice and differentiation.

I love using choice boards in the classroom AND in professional learning experiences.

Hooray for Podcast PD Choice Boards!

Below is the Podcast PD Choice Board Vol. 3 (made with Google Drawings) with many episodes from which to choose!

Click Here to Make a Copy | Use the Template (best for mobile)

Don’t have Google? Download the PDF.

Podcast PD Choice Board Blank Template

If you’d like to create your own from scratch, I’ve created a blank template that you can use below.

Click Here to Make a Copy | Use the Template (best for mobile)

Looking for some educational podcast recommendations? Check out my list here.

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