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The Teacher's Guide to Pinterest - Part 2: Follow Your Interests | | #education #edtech #teaching #edchatUse Pinterest to Follow What Interests You!

Pinterest is a powerful search engine for finding and discovering new ideas, DIY projects, beautiful infographics, AND a phenomenal tool for finding and curating classroom resources! I promise you Pinterest is NOT just for women looking at crafts and recipes! So just in case you don’t believe me, I have put together this guide for teachers, educators, and educational leaders looking to make the most out of Pinterest.


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Today’s post is focused on a lesser-known way to discover pins that interest you. Did you know you can not only follow people and boards, but you can follow topics that interest you? I just began exploring this option, and it has opened up a whole new world. But I wish Pinterest made this easier to do…


To follow your interests, start with one of the Pinterest categories, like “Education.” (Click here to see Pinterest categories.) After selecting a category, you will see related interests at the top.



It takes a while to drill-down to your favorite niches. I really had to dig to find the specific interests that I wanted.

Once you have selected an interest, a small, red “follow” button will appear. This allows you to follow interests just like following a person or a board.



You can also see what interests other Pinners are following by clicking on their account > following. Three tabs will appear at the top. If they are following any interests, you will see them listed under the first tab. You can see the interests I follow here.



25 Education and Technology Interests for Teachers to Follow on Pinterest


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What are your favorite interests to follow on Pinterest? Please share in the comments below!

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