In this episode, Kasey interviews Holly Clark about her new book, The Chromebook Infused Classroom.

The Chromebook Infused ClassroomLearn all about the Infused Classroom model, using Hyperdocs for remote learning, and practical ways to go from analog to digital!

Do you have Chromebooks in the classroom? Then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Conquer remote learning and digital learning experiences like a pro!

Whether Chromebooks are a new addition to your school, you’ve recently gone 1:1 in the classroom, or you’ve been using them for years and you want to make the most of technology for your learners…

The Chromebook Infused Classroom is a resource you will want to refer to again and again.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Amplify student voice in the classroom
  • Create opportunities to promote a global perspective and cultural empathy
  • Use technology to assess understanding and craft personalized learning experiences
  • Help students develop critical skills for success in school, work, and life



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The Chromebook Infused Classroom

Holly is the first repeat guest on the Shake Up Learning Show. Holly was featured in episode 17, where Kasey and Holly shared their ISTE presentation, The Learning Mixologist, a combination of Holly’s Infused Classroom Framework and Kasey’s Dynamic Learning Framework.

Holly is the author of The Google Infused Classroom, The Microsoft Infused Classroom, and now her new book, The Chromebook Infused Classroom. (I wrote the forward for this awesome new book!)

Going From Analog to Digital

Who is the audience for this book?

This book is for all levels of educators. There are practical ideas for teachers who are new to tech and ways to go deeper for those that are more tech-savvy.

What’s the difference between The Google Infused Classroom and The Chromebook Infused Classroom?

They are entirely different books. The Google Infused Classroom is focused on making thinking visible, and The Chromebook Infused Classroom is focused on the student-centered classroom and things like activating student curiosity. The new book takes you through a series of how to go from great analog activities to powerful digital activities.

Are Chromebooks required for this book?

No. This book is great for any kind of devices–tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, anything!

How will this book help with remote learning?

Holly shares 20 super tools in this book that will help teachers and students with remote teaching and learning. It is broken down, so you have ideas for how teachers can use each tool and how students can use each tool. She also shares practical lesson ideas and the power of student voice. Just hit record! (Also check out this great episode with Chris Nesi, How to Podcast with Students.)

Did you include Hyperdocs in this book?

Yes! Hyperdocs are great supporting all learners and a fantastic strategy for remote learning. Remember, Hyperdocs are more than simply a doc with links. Hyperdocs are a student-facing blended learning lesson that incorporates the 4 C’s, explore, explain, and apply lesson design that allows students to move at their own pace–a blended learning SUPERDOC!

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The Chromebook Infused Classroom (Companion Course)

At the time of publishing, this course is 50%! Details in the link below.

This course helps teachers integrate technology in meaningful ways and is taught by leading experts in the field. Beyond learning from global expert Holly Clark, teachers will learn:

  • HyperDocs from Lisa Highfill
  • Interactive Classroom for Primary with The Merrill’s
  • Inquiry from Trevor MacKenzie
  • Adobe Spark from Tanya Avrith
  • Sketchnoting with Sylvia Duckworth
  • Google Certifications overview with Kasey Bell.

Learn more and enroll here.

The Chromebook Infused ClassroomAbout Holly Clark

Holly is an education thought-leader, international speaker, best selling author, and an advocate for students. She is a twenty-plus year educator who has spent over 15 years teaching in a 1:1 classroom and over five years as an administrator in both public and private schools. She holds a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from Columbia University in New York City. Her passion is for helping teachers create classrooms where students want to learn and can become the agents of their own thinking and understanding.

She is a National Board Certified Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, and is now the Chief Learning Officer at The Infused Classroom, Inc.  She still spends time co-teaching in classrooms where she can better help teachers and schools begin the process of putting students at the center of the learning. Holly consults with schools globally on blended learning environments where meaningful pedagogy is infused with the strategic use of technology.   She authors a popular education blog: and gives keynotes to audiences worldwide. You can follow her on twitter and Instagram @HollyClarkEdu.

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