A Teacher’s Guide to Google Drive Sharing

Google Drive Sharing–EXPLAINED!

The Guide to Google Drive Sharing - FREE eBookDo you ever get confused by all the options for sharing in Google Drive and Google Workspace for Education? I’ve got the guide for you!

In this 15-page guide, I break down the three steps to sharing, as well as the six levels of sharing in Google applications.

Also, learn how to restrict sharing, set expiration dates on sharing, and more!

Google Drive is loaded with great features, but the ability to share and collaborate is truly what sets Google Drive apart from the pack.

For experienced users, sharing is second nature; but for new users, it can be difficult to wrap your head around.

The Video Guide to Google Drive Sharing –EVERYTHING Explained!

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What’s in the Guide to Google Drive Sharing?

Inside this 15-page PDF download, I break down EVERYTHING about sharing in Google Drive and G Suite applications, including:

  • Get shareable link
  • Basic sharing
  • Advanced sharing
  • Explain each of the 3 Steps to Sharing
  • Explain each of the 6 Levels of Sharing, what they are, how to use them
    • Private
    • Invite Only
    • Anyone with the Link in Your Domain
    • Anyone in Your Domain Can Find and Access
    • Anyone with Link
    • Public
  • Restricting Rights
  • Changing Owners
  • Set an Expiration Date on Sharing
  • Limits on Sharing

This guide is great for new and experienced users!

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