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The NEW Google Sites

Yes! It’s true. There is FINALLY a new version of Google Sites. We’ve heard rumors of this elusive update for the last couple years, but now we have access.

If you have ever attended my Google Sites training, you know that I often refer to Google Sites as an, “acquired taste.” While it may seem off-putting and antiquated compared to other website platforms out there, the power is in the way it connects to all of the other Google Apps. That alone has helped schools launch Google Sites in K12 schools across the globe, using Sites for e-portfolios, teacher websites, campus websites, edcamp websites, training websites, and much more. It hasn’t been pretty, but many have developed strategies to make it so. Some of us have even nerded out a little hacking the platform.

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The New Google Sites


Features of the New Google Sites

– Drag-and-drop design experience

– Real-time collaboration by multiple editors, just like in Docs

– Easy access to all your Google Apps content like Drive, Maps, Calendar, and more.

– Beautiful themes and layouts

When Can You Get the New Google Sites?

We do not have an exact date just yet, but Google tells us that it will be released over the next year. (Admins can check the release calendar here.) Since this will most likely not become available before the next school year, I don’t think schools will actually begin to adopt until the 2017-2018 school year. That’s just a prediction based on availability. If a product isn’t available at the beginning of a school year, it is difficult for schools to roll-out and train teachers and students. However, I’m sure there will be early adopters jumping on the bandwagon over the next year.

– Note: Google says the classic version of Google Sites will remain functional for at least one year, and that they will provide a method for moving content from classic Google Sites to the new platform.

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