The Wonderbag Off-The-Grid Slow Cooker

The Wonderbag is an awesome product initially designed for use in Africa to help reduce the amount of fuel needed to burn to cook food, which in turn dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort required to find and gather wood or purchase charcoal for cooking. The Wonderbag is a highly insulated heatproof bag which you can put partly cooked food into, so it continues slow cooking without the need for any further energy.

The basic premise to the Wonderbag is – you put your food in a pot with a lid (Dutch oven for example) and put it on the camp-fire, cooking stove, kitchen hob (whatever is normal for you), and heat it until it comes to the boil. The cooking pot is then removed from the cooking source which can then be extinguished or turned off. You now place the cooking pot inside the Wonderbag where it is left to slow cook for the next 8-10 hours, freeing you up to do other things.

The Wonderbag can be purchased from Amazon for $50 with free P&P. Now I am sure some of you are thinking that you could improvise your own DIY Wonderbag with some heatproof insulated material, BUT one of the best things about the Wonderbag and the company behind it is – for every Wonderbag purchased, they will donate one for FREE to a family in need in Africa and that’s pretty cool.


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