The 4 Best Handheld GPS Units for 2018

There is nothing like being in the great outdoors. Whether you are hiking, hunting, or geocaching, experiencing nature is one of the best activities around. What is even better is that there are now Handheld GPS units designed for the way you experience the wilderness, helping you to know [...]

SAM Splints – A Preppers Best Friend

As a veteran Paramedic I’ve had the opportunity to use just about every type first aid gear made, the SAM Splint it very high up in the must have gear. As a prepper this one piece of equipment can be used for just about anything you can think of. The SAM Splint is currently utilized […]

Sleeping Bags: How to Pick the Best Sleeping Bag

I’ve seen people spend all sorts of money on the latest and greatest outdoors gadgets; but for some reason when it comes to sleeping bags, these same people seem to pick the cheapest bags on the market, totally ignoring the importance of choosing the right bag. Sleeping bags shouldn’t be looked [...]

5 Ways To Shave Weight Off Your Bug-Out Bag

I`ve been trying to put together the perfect bug-out bag for a long time now. I kept taking things out and replaced them with lighter, smaller alternatives. Some of them ended up back in, because I realised they were better and safer, and my family`s safety comes first. However, I`m still not [...]

A Gun’s Role in Your Prepping

When the first caveman decided to keep a little more food or fuel for his fire than what he needed to get through the week, he became a prepper. Odds are this first prepper decided he needed a good-sized club or rock to help make sure he could hold onto it. Today’s Preppers are the […]

Hunt with a Paracord Sling

Paracord can be an awesome tool in your preparedness arsenal. This durable nylon rope can be tied into tons of different designs including bracelets, strengthened cords, pouches and more. If you’re in an emergency, you simply unwind the strong cord and use it to bind, haul or anything else that [...]


Snow covered mountains can be as dangerous as they are beautiful……especially off the beaten path. Many skiers, snowboarders, climbers and snowmobilers are drawn to the untouched beauty and thrill of the backcountry. Even experienced skiers and snowboarders tend to risk it all for the thrill of [...]


I am always amazed by the ingenuity our readers have. Sometimes they share do-it-yourself ideas with us that are just awesome. I am a fan of this as it proves you don’t have to have a million dollars in order to prepare. One of our dedicated and creative readers who is on Twitter [...]


Fortunately, all species of birds are edible, although the flavor will vary considerably. You may skin fish-eating birds to improve their taste. As with any wild animal, you must understand birds’ common habits to have a realistic chance of capturing them. You can take pigeons, as well as some [...]

DIY Home Defenses: Building a Stone Wall Without Mortar

Previously we’ve looked at building earthwork defenses such as spider holes, which were designed to be setup fairly quickly with minimal tools and time spent. Today, we’re going to look at an old technique that was used to build stone walls that have lasted for hundreds of years. Used as [...]

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