What is a SHTF Event?

What is a SHTF Event?

What is an SHTF event? Several factors may lead to an event, including economic collapse, natural disasters, and disruption of society. These can all cause long-term SHTF scenarios. These events could lead to a variety of consequences, such as:

Disruption of society

There are many signs that the SHTF could happen, but the most obvious one is that of a natural disaster. Hurricanes and other powerful events have the ability to completely alter society. Recent examples of these types of events include Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Andrew. Many other natural disasters can also disrupt society. A government shutdown, the collapse of the financial system, or a super-volcano eruption could be all it takes to change the way we live.

Economic collapse

The economy has been on the verge of a meltdown for quite some time. Social unrest and economic collapse can be a deadly combination. It is imperative to prepare for this possibility by putting together a contingency kit. Your kit should include extra food, supplies, and a portable shelter. Think of things you don’t normally keep in your kit. Keep a few medications and supplies on hand.


What are SHTF events? This phrase refers to a situation where society collapses, and many people are not prepared. Such events can be caused by natural disasters, pandemics, civil wars, or a wide range of other factors. Depending on the event, preparation levels, and location, individuals may have to cope with different scenarios. Listed below are some possible scenarios. The list is by no means comprehensive.

Natural disasters

While there is no single scenario that will cause a SHTF event, there are many that will make it difficult to survive. Food and water scarcity is one problem, but power outages and natural disasters will create social problems. Regardless of the type of SHTF event, planning ahead will help you avoid the complexities that can result from being caught off guard. Listed below are some tips to ensure that you have the most basic supplies, including food and water.

Law enforcement

The last thing that anyone in the military or police would want to do is attend a SHTF event. If you haven’t been a member of the military, you may think of these people as robots and slaves. While that may be the case to a degree, you can’t dismiss their humanity entirely. They’re people, too, with families and lives outside of work. They’d be the last people you’d want to run into on the streets.

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