Why Preppers Will Die When SHTF

Why Preppers Will Die When SHTF

Even though it’s important to prepare for the worst, prepping doesn’t guarantee survival when SHTF. While it may seem like a good idea to have weapons, bugout bags, and Spam, these items won’t keep you alive. If help is needed, there will be very few people to help. Lack of preparedness will kill the masses and even preppers will fall prey to these problems.

Relying too heavily on gear

Many preppers build their plans in a Spartan manner. Although their plans may be sound, they often ignore the psychological aspect of survival. Bringing along items such as games and comfort foods will help to raise morale. Having coffee and Coke for example will give you a much-needed pick-me-up when you’re feeling low. If you can’t live without these, you’ll be better prepared for a long-term survival situation.

Over-reliance on supplies

Prepping for an out-of-order SHTF is difficult. Most people panic and freeze during a crisis, but only 10% respond appropriately to a disaster. Developing the ability to stay calm is the key to survival in a SHTF situation. Preppers do not panic and freeze like the rest of us do, because they are aware of the risks and have a plan in place. They also practice exercises to increase their mental toughness.


The collapse of society will bring lawlessness to many Americans. Criminal elements will rush to fill the void created by the collapse of society. A criminal black market will quickly set up shop, and gangs will take over as a de facto government. As a result, many people will die simply by chance, or in a tragic accident. In the SHTF scenario, people will be unable to protect themselves from gangs, and will resort to violence.

Desire for freedom

A prepper’s vision begins with the recognition that they are excluded from the universal state security system. One prepper once commented on a social network that people like him would be left to die. By acknowledging a hierarchy of the damned, the prepper begins to challenge the neoliberal security state. Ultimately, this is a desire for freedom.

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